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Are Corn, Rice, and Sorghum Really Gluten-Free? Are “Ancient Grains” (Spelt, Einkorn, Emmer, Farro)?

I have been looking into the biochemical structures of different varieties of wheat (or farro) and found this interesting article written about a year ago describing several of the “ancient grains” and their benefits.

What if it’s not about gluten? Gut Instincts: The Fact and Fiction Behind the Gluten-Free Movement

Here are some interesting thoughts from GFF Magazine about resistance to eat wheat and the underlying science. While prevalence of celiac disease appears to be doubling every 20 years, it wasn’t even listed as

What if your gluten-intolerance is not a wheat allergy, but a problem carbohydrate, instead?

The movement to “go gluten-free” has become such a cultural phenomenon, major food manufacturers have started producing gluten-free foods and mixes to the point where people don’t need to feel neglected anymore when they

This is how delicious gluten-free can be: Old Fashioned Gluten Free Cornbread recipe

I have been going cast iron crazy lately, recently obtaining a couple of great skillets and a Lodge “Double Dutch” oven, which is a 5 quart Dutch oven with a lid that can be

Tis the season for amazing gluten-free desserts! What’s your favorite?

In preparing for Thursday’s family yuletide meal, I have been enlisted to bring the dessert. This task is so much easier at Thanksgiving, because I can throw together some gluten-free pies–pumpkin and pecan–and call it

Need some gluten-free coconut flour cookies? How about 30? Paleo-friendly!

To me, coconut flour is almost perfect. It has a great flavor, excellent fiber, and bakes into goods very smoothly. Try my White Chocolate Chip Almond Coconut Flour Cookies – recipe. So I am

You won’t believe who tried to give me gluten

Or maybe you will. Last month, I had an endoscopy done to take biopsies of my esophagus, stomach, and small intestine to check my digestive health. Though celiac disease had been ruled out in the

Introducing: Stephanie Bird, Nutrition & Food Science, Gut Thinker, and Mission Statement

I thought I’d update some info about myself, in case you’ve stumbled across this blog on a random journey through the internet. I contribute information infrequently, and also post on Facebook on the Gut

Back to gluten-free, and a few other things

Six months later, it looks like my strict diet is resurfacing. Actually, my diet has been getting corralled for weeks now, and then last month I caught some flu-virus and was sick for nearly

To-Do List: GF Recipes I Want To Try

I’ve been finding myself tired of my “eat everything” diet, mainly because eating some things make me feel queasy or congested during the day, and I would also like to get rid of the