Gluten Monster Is Getting To Me

This is day 7 of my taking on gluten straight up. Let me put it this way: wheat is delicious, but gluten is beginning to screw with my life. I have been on my food challenge since May 1, 2012, eating gluten-free oats for the first two weeks, then transitioning to wheat and other gluten-containing products. I’ve had ups and downs–none of which had been as bad as I thought they’d be–but I’m beginning to react more consistently to the point where this whole experiment is getting to be a lot less fun.

I thought for a couple of days there, maybe I could keep eating some of the challenge foods, but now I have my doubts. For example, a side effect I didn’t anticipate is that I have put on around 15 pounds since the challenge started, and I’m not eating any more than I usually do. I’m finally hitting a wall, too, with my reactions. Nausea, migraines, weird dreams, sweating, gastrointestinal distress, and brain fog. And now weight gain (bloating, too). I’m trying to figure out how I can convince myself to stick with this for the rest of the month – I have 28 days until my test.

Looking for incentives. And mumus. Because my clothes are being outgrown 🙁 Please let me return to semi-normal after this is over.


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