Day 7 Gluten-Free Oats Food Challenge

gluten freeda banana oatmeal

I decided to shake things up a little yesterday and went for some GlutenFreeda Banana Maple Flax instant oats instead of the Bakery On Main Maple flavor I’d been eating the last several days. So far, I have only been having a few side effects, such as heartburn and bloating, so I figured trying another brand wouldn’t hurt. Not blaming the brand, but I am not feeling so hot today. I had some more oats today and then went about my life, until I got the opportunity to have some lunch.

Boy was that fun.

As soon as I finished my non-threatening salad and brown rice salmon/tuna/avocado cut roll, I immediately started feeling like two ninjas were having a battle in my stomach. Seriously painful, no joke. When that died down, I had a couple of squares of chocolate and the ninjas were back. Not fun at all.

Anyway, I guess I’ve confirmed that I’m one of those celiacs or gluten-intolerants who can’t tolerate oats. Unfortunately, for the sake of my food challenge, I still have a few weeks of this to go. And I still have some more aggressive foods to add to my diet. The upper endoscopy to see if I have eosinophilic esophagitis is scheduled for the end of June. Let’s hope I make it. :/

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